61.7% of NJ real estate agents are women, above the US average

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The profession of residential real estate salesman is dominated by women. In New Jersey, 61.7% of all real estate agents are women, compared to 55.8% nationally, according to a report published on Construction site coverage. On a national average, 56% of all real estate agents are women.

In all but 10 states, women make up the majority of real estate agents. Rhode Island claims the highest share of female real estate agents, with women making up 89% of the total. At 82%, New Mexico also has a high proportion of female agents. Conversely, Mississippi and South Dakota have the lowest shares of women in real estate, at just 42.8% and 34.4%, respectively.

According to the National Association of Realtors, women have been involved in the American real estate industry since its inception. It started in the late 1800s, women began to move out of administrative roles to become agents and brokers, albeit at a slow pace.

Although women make up the majority of real estate agents, they are much more likely to work part-time than men. Among female real estate agents, 43% work part-time. Part-time male real estate agents make up a much smaller share, at just 27%. Real estate agents are paid on commission (not salaried) and have flexible hours, which makes the real estate sales profession much more accommodating to part-time schedules than many other jobs.

Because the real estate profession offers high earning potential, flexible hours for families and a low barrier to entry, it attracts a large number of women who want to change careers, a second job or re-enter the workforce. after a career. Pause. Estate agents can often do much of their work from home and set their own hours, which is especially appealing to women with young children.

To find the states with the most female real estate agents, Construction Coverage researchers analyzed data from the US Census Bureau, US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Zillow. The researchers ranked states based on the percentage of real estate agents who are women. The researchers calculated the median annual earnings of real estate agents, the concentration of real estate agents relative to the national share, and the median house price.

For more information, detailed methodology and full results, you can find the original report on the Construction Coverage website: https://constructioncoverage.com/research/cities-with-the-most-female-real- estate-agents-2022

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