Type of real estate agents

Whether you're looking for a new home or want to sell the property you currently live in, identifying the right kind of real estate professional to work with can make a big difference to your success. There are different types of real…

Montreal Residential Real Estate Sales Drop in September as Active Listings Rise

Links to the breadcrumb Immovable Company The sharp rise in interest rates and less dynamic job creation have cooled activity in major urban centres, according to an economist. Some 2,537…				</div>
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Becoming Real: Real Estate Assets and LGPS

How are real estate investments affected by inflation, revenue demand, strategic asset allocation and net zero goals? Room151 brought together a group of local government pension plan investors, advisers and asset managers to explore the…

Property taxation

Property tax exemptions Our lawyers conduct an ongoing review of records, property descriptions, construction details and planned acquisitions, then determine your eligibility for tax exemptions. Our lawyers regularly review property tax…