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Most people don’t want to bother trying to sell a home while on vacation. For this very reason, you could very well sell yours during this very slow part of the season. This is when there are the fewest competing sales in the market. Others don’t bother trying to sell their home while on vacation for many reasons. Maybe it’s because they are caught up in the festive and festive atmosphere, have friends and family, that they don’t want potential buyers to bring snow and rain into the house. home, they think the market is not active enough, and for many other reasons.

With everything going on, it’s common to put a home sale on hold until after the holidays. Some sellers even take their active listing off the market, further reducing your competition. The inventory of homes for sale has been meager throughout 2021 and will only be so during the holidays. If you’re serious about selling, you don’t want to miss out on the benefits and opportunities of marketing your home this time of year.

The next couple of months is a great time to enjoy the deep house cleaning that most people do in preparation for guests and vacations. You can also use Christmas decorations to showcase the interior and exterior of the house, as long as you don’t take it to the extreme. Outdoors, you can increase the curb appeal of sidewalks by decorating things like doors, shrubs, rooflines, windows, porches, and more. You should use well-chosen lights and decorations to accentuate the architecture of the house by highlighting walkways, skylights, winter gardens, etc. .

During those short hours of sunshine, turn on the holiday lights early to overcome the early darkness. Wouldn’t it be wonderfully perfect for potential buyers to look out your large picture window to take in the sight of fresh snow glistening with the yard lights while being inside the cozy warmth of your home? Now is the perfect time for a fire in the fireplace.

The festive atmosphere also runs through the interior of your home. Holiday decorations make your home appear warm, cozy and inviting. But be careful not to overcrowd the appearance to the point that attractions in your home such as fireplaces and alcoves become lost on new viewers. Also be selective in your color choices. Too much green and red may not be the best choice if it dominates fireplace mantels, wall moldings, archways, and other interior items that need to be highlighted for potential buyers. Whites, silvers and blues have a more classic and attractive look.

When you market your home during the holidays, the inventory of competing homes drops dramatically. Many sellers remove or delay their listings during the holiday season. This means that the homes remaining on the market are presented to the most serious buyers who make home shopping a priority right now. During the holidays, your home may not be seen by so many potential buyers, but they will be serious buyers with serious money. Serious buyers making serious purchase offers.

You can simply entice a buyer willing to gift their family with a new home this holiday season. Or they might want to move quickly to have their extended family and friends over Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years in their new home. The couples also get engaged for a spring wedding during the winter holidays. Some will be on the market for a home before the end of the year.

If you are considering listing your home or have already listed it for the holidays, there are many reasons to continue listing or take advantage of the season to better market your home when there is less competition. Even if you’d rather wait until after the vacation rush, it makes sense to meet with an agent now, so you’re ready to be the first to market at the end of the vacation season. It’s rare for a home to be put on the market without some important preparation, so it’s better to know what to expect now rather than wait and miss an opportunity early.

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