BK owners could be protected from pushy real estate agents


Brooklyn residents who are “harassed daily” by real estate developers wanting to buy their homes may soon be relieved.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul on Sunday signed a law forcing the State Department to consider whether Brooklyn should be designated as real estate.cease and desist zone. ”

If so, Brooklyn homeowners could put themselves on a list that prohibits real estate brokers and sellers from contacting them.

Governor Kathy Hochul speaks at the 11th anniversary of GodSquad. Photo: Supplied

Any agent contacting the listed owners would face a fine of $ 150 for the first violation, $ 500 for the second and $ 1,000 for the third. They could also see their real estate license suspended.

“The last thing homeowners should face is unwanted solicitation on their doorstep,” Governor Hochul said.

“This legislation brings us one step closer to protecting Brooklyn homeowners from aggressive real estate solicitations.”

Store tracking

Harassment of real estate prospectors has become a very real part of the day-to-day life of some Brooklyn homeowners over the past few years.

In eastern New York and Cypress Hills, residents said they were followed to the grocery store and laundromat by investors looking to make a quick buck.

Meanwhile, the community organizer Coalition for Community Advancement Recount BK reader sspeculators harassed and lied to seniors and others in the eastern New York and Cypress Hills area to get them to sell their homes below market value, so they could resell them for huge profit.

Brooklyn’s current cease and desist zone covers a small area. Photo: New York State Department

“Many homeowners in parts of Brooklyn are besieged by aggressive solicitations from real estate brokers,” said Assembly Member N. Nick Perry.

“These sometimes predatory home buying practices occur without any concern about what is happening to the neighborhood and the residents who have chosen these homes because of the character of the community.”

The State Department has previously made part of Brooklyn’s Community Board 5 (CB5) a real estate no-go zone, due to the pressures residents face.

As of November 2, there were already over 220 Brooklyn homeowners who had added their names to the list.

And after?

With Hochul’s push, the State Department will now conduct an investigation into whether Brooklyn should be designated as a real estate blackout zone. The public hearing and the zoning investigation must be completed within 90 days.

New York State Senator Kevin Parker, whose district includes parts of Flatbush and East Flatbush, said he applauds the governor’s efforts to make Brooklyn homeowners a priority, especially people elderly.

“This law will protect homeowners from illegal solicitation of their property and designate postal codes in my district as cease and desist zones.

Photo: Anna Bradley-Smith for BK Reader.

“This is a very important layer of protection for the elderly who are often victims of these solicitations. “

Making Brooklyn a cease and desist zone would also protect tenants, said Wilfredo Florentino, longtime CB5 board member. BK reader in 2020.

“[Real estate speculators] are buying homes and flipping them to make sure prices continue to skyrocket, ”he said.

“When house prices soar, that also impacts the rental market. This is why we are seeing rents increase in the community. It is intended to displace longtime residents who are predominantly black and brown. “

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