Land Use, Zoning, Real Estate and Eminent Domain

Recognized by United States Rooms like a “go to practice” for land use, zoning and eminent domain matters, we regularly represent clients in matters relating to the conviction and power of eminent domain and help them navigate the full range of zoning and eminent domain issues. of land use.

Our real estate litigators represent landlords, developers, landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, lenders, and other interested parties in a wide variety of real estate disputes across the United States. We are experienced in complex multi-party litigation and are equipped to deal with these matters in court, administrative agencies or through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. We have significant experience in resolving a variety of issues such as development disputes, zoning and building regulations, land use disputes, title insurance claims and defense, eminent domain, construction defects, mechanics lien disputes, lease and purchase agreement disputes. Our practice also includes advising clients on resolving zoning and title defect issues, resolving environmental issues, conducting 1031 exchanges, and structuring conventional and synthetic leases.

Land use, zoning and real estate

We represent buyers, sellers, developers, landlords, tenants and landlords in a wide variety of real estate disputes throughout the State of Ohio. We regularly represent clients litigating land use issues, in state and federal courts, in addition to appearing before city councils, zoning appeal boards, planning and zoning commissions and other administrative bodies of political subdivisions on land use issues. Our lawyers have been instrumental in advising trade associations and other clients on legislative issues affecting land use rights.

We often represent clients in matters relating to zoning, building regulations, land use and land use planning, including obtaining approval for industrial and commercial projects, residential subdivisions and planned developments . In this area, we regularly help our clients navigate the process of annexing property to municipalities. Our attorneys also have extensive experience assisting clients with the various types of government permitting processes that are critical to the success of land development projects.

Our lawyers regularly represent landowners and political subdivisions on land use issues that may lead to litigation, including:

  • Annexations
  • Ratings
  • Tax assessments
  • Adversary possession
  • Zoning
  • Administrative remedies
  • Civil Rights Actions Based on Denial of Property Rights
  • Constitutional Challenges to Zoning Bylaws, Detachments, Waivers and Special Use Permits
  • Referendums and citizens’ initiatives
  • Prior Non-Compliant Uses
  • Reverse conviction
  • Claims under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act 2000 (RLUIPA)

Lease disputes

When rental disputes arise, we evaluate opportunities to develop “win-win” solutions to control costs using a range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods and potential settlement agreements that advance the commercial and litigation objectives of our clients. When clients decide to dispute or defend claims in court, our national team of litigation attorneys represent our clients to achieve favorable results in court.

Our nationwide leasing experience has involved many categories of office, retail, commercial and industrial landlords and tenants in a variety of leasing issues. Our tenant clients include all types of commercial and retail property owners, as well as commercial, office and industrial space tenants. Vorys acts as national leasing counsel to many retailers, providing the background and context necessary to understand the legal and business issues related to each client’s real estate portfolio.

Eminent Domain

Our firm regularly represents private property owners on matters relating to conviction and the government’s power to “take” private property through the eminent domain process. Our attorneys have argued prominent estate cases involving public authorities at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels, throughout Ohio and in other states, on behalf of businesses, developers, and landowners individual. Learn more here.


Vorys has significant experience representing farmers in cases across the state when the government uses its power to pass farmland into eminent domain related to road, flood, pipeline and easement projects. public services. Our team understands government tactics at the municipal, county, state and federal levels and knows exactly what to expect. Learn more here.


Our construction lawyers help resolve construction claims effectively and efficiently. Whether through litigation, arbitration, or other means of dispute resolution, we work closely with our clients and experts, as appropriate, to quickly identify issues and strategies, and to manage claims and dispute resolution costs.

We represent clients across the spectrum of the construction industry, including owners, developers, architects, engineers, public and private contracting authorities, financial institutions, contractors and material suppliers. Our experience allows us to ensure clients have a full understanding of all legal aspects of the construction and dispute resolution process, including planning, land acquisition and zoning, design and engineering, financing and insurance, taxes, tendering and negotiation, project delivery methods, scheduling and coordination. Learn more here.

Cannabis, Hemp and CBD

We have a wealth of knowledge regarding zoning considerations and compliance issues related to Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program applications, including location restrictions. We’ve also helped dispensaries, processors and growers with local zoning issues and won approvals in the face of local opposition. Plus, we help solve land-use planning, permitting and environmental zoning issues. Learn more here.

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