Netflix’s ‘Selling Tampa’ Spotlights Ybor Realtors During Housing Boom

“Selling Tampa” is about to take Netflix viewers into the glamorous world of luxury waterfront property in the Bay Area.

The new show will feature Ybor City’s Allure Realty, which is owned by Sharelle Rosado. She is a retired Army paratrooper who is also married to former NFL star Chad Johnson.

Rena Frazier, who was born and raised in Tampa, was Allure’s first real estate agent. She says she was shocked when the producers of “Selling Sunset” approached them for a Tampa-based show.

“I didn’t want to believe it until the cameras started rolling! It’s quite a production to get to a place where you’re actually filming the show,” Frazier explained. “It’s a lot of hard work, and it really is a long process.”

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This job has become even more hectic with the housing boom.

“I for one had no idea the market was going to get as hot as it is, and so for the show, it’s really interesting because we have this really fantastic real estate market in Tampa, while we’re filming the show,” she said. “And we’re all working our real jobs as agents while we’re filming the show, so it’s a really interesting dynamic that you can see.”

Viewers will also get to see some of Tampa’s most breathtaking homes up for grabs.

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“You’ll see in the show these beautiful, big properties and they’re half the price of LA and a third of the price of New York,” Frazier said. “But that’s the extent of the property – you can be on the coast or in rural areas, but you really get what you pay for here.”

And in addition to the beautiful homes, beaches and sunsets, Frazier says viewers will see what locals love about Tampa.

“We have the champion sports teams now, which is really great because we haven’t always been able to really cheer,” Frazier said with a laugh. “And it’s a fantastic place to raise a family, we have great schools, I mean, what’s not to love about Tampa?”

Viewers also seem to like it. Just 24 hours after its premiere on Wednesday, “Selling Tampa” soared to the top of Netflix’s chart, becoming number one. 1 show in the US on the streaming service.

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