Property tax | Howard County


General County Property Tax:

This tax is levied on all properties in the county and funds, in part, basic services such as education, public safety, public works and community services.

State property tax:

This tax is levied by the state of Maryland, but collected by the County of Howard, and is used for the payment of principal and interest on state bonds.

Fire tax:

This tax is collected throughout the county and covers all fire and emergency response operations.

Garbage costs:

The annual fee for the collection and disposal of residential waste is $ 325 for households receiving waste, recycling and garden services, $ 310 for households receiving only waste and recycling services, and 39 $ for households receiving recycling services only.

Ad Valorem fees:

An ad valorem tax is levied on real estate located in the metropolitan district. Ad valorem charges are mainly used to finance the cost of new construction and / or replacement of water and sewer network infrastructure and can also be used for operating costs.

Front foot load:

All owners of properties located on a street, road, lane, lane or right-of-way in which a water or sewer main is located pay an annual forefoot benefit assessment fee.

State Bay Restoration Fee:

The State of Maryland government enacted the State Bay Restoration Fund in 2004. Howard County is required to charge private septic tank users a fee of $ 15 per quarter for a single residential unit. For more information, please visit the Maryland Department of the Environment website at

Watershed protection costs:

These fees help fund county stormwater management projects mandated by the federal government to treat impervious surfaces. For more information, visit

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