Rapidus Partners with Lean to Bring Best-in-Class Financial Products to Couriers and Last Mile Delivery Agents, Setting a New Bar for the Corporate Work Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, October 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Rapidus, a marketplace connecting commercial senders with professional courier delivery partners, recently announced a partnership with Skinny, a platform that partners with marketplaces to give concert workers access to financial products tailored to their needs, to deliver instant payments and financial products to their entire partner base. Rapidus is a growing leader in innovative B2B delivery solutions offering fast, traceable, convenient, cost-effective and guaranteed 24/7 deliveries in California, Colorado, Washington, Texas, and Illinois.

“Quick access to income and financial products is the number one need that our delivery partners communicate to us today,” said Alexander Prokhorenko, co-founder of Rapidus. “In today’s turbulent, post-COVID world, being part of the odd-job economy has been increasingly difficult, and the pandemic has exposed the unfairness of the financial system against so many working Americans. drivers understand that the system needs to change and through our partnership with Lean, we are helping to drive that change and tip the system in their favor. “

Historically, couriers, messengers and concert workers have had to rely on high cost debt, payday loans, limited access to earned capital, and dilapidated credit and financial systems. Thanks to Lean, office and flexible workers have access to free cash advances, instant payments and a variety of financial products, all in one place, transparently managed on their behalf.

“Rapidus is a partner-focused business and continues to deliver industry-leading value to tens of thousands of our delivery partners,” said Prokhorenko. “With thousands of professional courier delivery companies using Rapidus to connect with commercial senders in our multi-state service area, and our recent expansion into the retail, pharmaceutical and e-commerce distribution space, it enabling a thriving network of drivers and continuing to create value on both sides of the coin in a reliable and transparent manner is more essential than ever. “

Rapidus continues to invest in courier-friendly services

Rapidus offers flexible choices for hourly and same day delivery services, land and air, which include personalized pickup and delivery times, instant quotes, automated route planning and optimization, API integrations and e-commerce, advanced SMS and email notifications, full chain-of-custody responsibility and real-time monitoring. These are some of the services that have consistently elevated Rapidus above the competition, and maintaining the instant and reliable payment process while providing essential products and financial benefits to couriers remains a central priority. As a result, 91% of business customers describe Rapidus as the best solution to a local delivery problem, along with the best customer service.

Rapidus continues to invest in the development of innovative models that allow couriers to thrive, while maximizing the engagement of its delivery partners with prospects. This is one of the reasons why Rapidus enjoys the trust of more than thousands of small, medium and business enterprises, including high tech industries, major airlines, medical and bioscience companies, in addition to high tech industries. engineering, retail, warehousing, manufacturing and Suite.

About Rapidus

Created in 2016, Rapidus associates an extensive network of professional delivery partners with unused freight capacity with commercial customers requiring delivery services in its growing multi-state service area. The Rapidus delivery market offers a low cost of changing carriers with a greater choice of delivery agents, complete visibility at every stage of a supply chain, cost efficiency, convenience and a seamless experience.

For more information on Rapidus, please visit: www.rapidus.com

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