Roger Pettingell explains how much the top 1% of real estate agents earn each year

Roger Pettingell is a seasoned and highly successful real estate agent based in Sarasota, Florida. He has over thirty-six years of experience selling homes of all shapes, sizes and types. He is Coldwell Banker’s number one real estate agent for the Florida area and one of the top five nationally. He is proud to offer help, advice and encouragement to aspiring real estate agents to encourage them to stay in the industry and use all the tools at their disposal to succeed in their field. To this end, he explains the enormous potential for success and how much the top 1% of real estate agents earn each year.

The most profitable agents earn more than a million dollars a year, says Roger Pettingell. However, he notes that agents in this category likely do more than show homes. They use their knowledge to flip houses and/or buy houses or buildings that can be rented out to residential or commercial tenants. Another very profitable route that high-earning real estate agents can take is to choose a specialized niche. Real estate agents who work for oil and gas extraction companies, for example, earn an average annual salary of $122,760.

Working in this role is very different from the average real estate jobs; instead of showing homes for purchase, an oil and gas extraction real estate agent would either work with a landowner who is considering leasing a plot of land or with an oil and gas company to help secure leases on properties. potentially profitable land. Agents working with natural gas distribution and natural gas pipeline transportation companies also earn an average annual salary of more than $100,000.

An agent’s geographic location also plays a role in revenue, reports Roger Pettingell. In Midland, Texas, real estate agents earn an average annual salary of $100,060. In the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area of ​​Connecticut, real estate agents earn an average annual salary of $99,880. Other highly profitable locations include Worcester, Connecticut; Greley, Colorado; and Jonesboro, Arkansas.

The type of real estate sold can also have an impact on its profits. Luxury real estate agents tend to earn more than regular agents because the sale of a single luxury property can earn a higher commission than most regular real estate agents would earn in an entire year. However, the clientele is limited, which makes it difficult for many real estate agents to focus exclusively on this market.

Real estate work has the potential to be incredibly profitable, and Roger Pettingell has always encouraged aspiring agents to pursue their dreams. Still, he’s the first to notice that real estate agents rarely start out with high six- or seven-figure incomes. Rather, they learn the tricks of the trade by studying, researching, and doing trial and error. They earn the trust of their customers through hard work, honesty, integrity and excellent customer service. It’s not easy, and many real estate agents leave the industry to find work with a fixed salary; however, those who stick it out and succeed find it well worth the time and effort it takes to become one of the top 1% real estate agents.

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