SearchFlow Launches State of Residential Real Estate Market 2022 Report for Law Firms


SearchFlow, one of the UK’s largest providers of legal due diligence data for residential and commercial real estate transactions, has released a new guide that examines projected trends for the residential real estate industry in 2022 and beyond.

The State of the Residential Real Estate Market guide provides law firms and real estate attorneys with an overview of the major themes that will shape the year ahead, and offers insights into how law firms can best position themselves to take advantage of the resulting opportunities and guard against potential risks.

Trends include:

  • Use of technology – harmonize cutting-edge technology with exceptional customer service to improve the overall customer experience when buying or selling residential real estate.
  • Hybrid operation – meet the permanent balance between customer expectations and employee well-being.
  • Demographic changes – evolve legal services to meet the needs of clients and employees of Generation Y and Generation Z; and
  • Climate change – The Law Society predicts that legal professionals have an important role to play in how the world responds to potential climate change. How can you leverage your own team and suppliers to become socially responsible legal experts?

Dr Thomas Quirke, Managing Director of SearchFlow noted, “As the world grapples with social and climate change, the legal industry – long seen as a more traditional market – has opened up to new possibilities, evolved its working practices and adopted new technologies. Consumers expect a faster, highly secure and more transparent real estate transaction process. Resilience will come from adopting new innovations, including AI and automated solutions, on tasks that help free up professionals’ time to focus on more specialized legal advice, while supporting compliance. .

Our new guide “The State of the Residential Real Estate Market” addresses these topics in more detail and offers our opinion on concrete steps law firms can take to stay competitive.. “

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