The best cities of 2021 for real estate agents

These are interesting times for the housing market, with house prices hit record highs, inventory up to half of what existed a year ago, and sometimes up to 20 hopeful house hunters bid above the asking price on a property.

Conditions could be synonymous with opportunities for agents, but, as they say, “location is everything”.

To choose prime locations for people in this particular occupation, WalletHub researchers compared more than 170 U.S. cities using 22 key indicators of a healthy real estate environment.

To determine the best markets for this particular profession, WalletHub compared more than 170 US cities across 22 key indicators of a healthy real estate environment.

Adam McCann, financial writer for WallerHub, said he and the team compared data sets ranging from sales per agent to median annual realtor salary to the housing market health index.

The ten best subways for real estate agents are:

Seattle, Washington; Pearl City, HI; Sacremento, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado; Nashville, Tennessee; Washington DC; Huntsville, Alabama; Austin, Texas; and San José, California.

The data team looked at sales per agent, agent salaries, most attractive to real estate employment, highest median home price, highest house turnover rate, health of the market. housing and the fewest days on the market. And they’ve also broken them down by category. For example, Denver and Aurora, Colorado; San José, California; Sacremento California; Boston; and Nashua, New Hampshire, topped the annual salary list.

Experts weighed in on the study’s results. David Bouvin, faculty member and Ph.D. of the management program. discussed what he is looking for when looking for ideal market conditions.

“When I look for properties to sell or buy, the main indicators I pay attention to include tax policies, job growth, educational and workforce training opportunities, as well as key features that may attract additional visitors, such as beaches, mountains, and theme parks. , said Bouvin. He added, “More and more homeowners are looking for properties to move or buy based on trends in specific regions, such as tax policy and employment opportunities. The housing market appears to be rebounding during and even after the pandemic. There may be more isolated areas. for real estate growth in the United States, where some states could experience a boom in home sales and purchases while others could lose residents. “

Philip G. Swicegood, department head and James Professor of Finance at Wofford College, says there are some questions officers should ask themselves before moving.

“Do you have natural relationships in this market? Where is the diversified job growth located? Where is the bureaucracy / zoning / regulation moderate enough not to hamper market growth? The moderate weather conditions allow for transactional environments throughout the year rather than the spring / summer emphasis on the north and mountain to the west. ”Swicegood said.

Law professor Michael P. Seng, director of the Fair Housing Legal Support Center, University of Illinois Chicago, John Marshall Law School, spoke about the role of city-to-city housing policy.

“I think the best cities are the ones that are the most integrated and free from discrimination in housing, education, employment, etc. ”Seng said. “I would also rank first the cities that have the most accessible housing and services for people with disabilities. People with disabilities are a growing segment in our communities and more and more people will demand accessible housing. “

The detailed report, complete with the methodology, is now available on

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