Top real estate news for Friday, November 19, 2021: 2 REITs and more Fed spending


Mall giant and REIT retirement home could benefit from more public spending, two fools analyze residential iBuying, why UWM stock has jumped today, space commercial real estate and don’t sleep during the pandemic.

Two REITs that would gain if the government injects more money into the economy

With an infrastructure bill now enacted and a huge social spending and climate change package passed by the House today, perhaps now is the time to consider real estate investment trusts (REITs) that could benefit from more government money in the economy.

Motley Fool contributor Reuben Gregg Brewer chooses mall giant Simon Real Estate Group (NYSE: SPG) and senior housing specialist Omega Health Investors (NYSE: OHI) as recipients of more cash flow to consumers in general and the hard-hit nursing home niche. There could certainly be more.

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Two major red flags with Zillow iBuying failure

Zillow (NASDAQ: ZG)(NASDAQ: Z) recently surprised investors by announcing that it was planning to pull out of iBuying entirely, despite touting it as the biggest driver of future growth for the company. In this fool live clip, contributors Matt Frankel and Tyler Crowe discuss two of the biggest red flags they see with this move.

Matt and Tyler analyze what happened, as the company with perhaps the most residential real estate data of them all couldn’t do better with its numbers and how its rivals Open door and Offer block could do better with this new way to buy.

Why UWM stocks jumped today

Mortgage Issuer Shares UWM Holdings (NYSE: UWMC) had jumped more than 15% by 2:40 p.m. ET after the company said it decided not to make a planned secondary offering. UWM also said it would “speed up” its previously announced share buyback program.

Motley Fool contributor Bram Berkowitz says it seems a bit wobbly to announce a side offer and then reverse the course two days later. But market conditions haven’t been easy this week, and ultimately the fast-track buyback plan will make existing stocks more valuable, so shareholders aren’t complaining.

Bezos envisions the “Space Business Park”: is it the next frontier in real estate investment?

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has partnered with several aerospace interests to create the first business park in space: Orbital Reef. They plan to bring it into service by the end of the 2020s, just in time to replace the soon to be decommissioned International Space Station (ISS).

Motley Fool collaborator Kristi Waterworth also notes here that as futuristic and wacky as a business park in space may seem, the Bezos team aren’t the only ones determined to create the most long in the world. Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) teamed up with other space hopefuls to have Blue Origins run through space with their Starlab.

The resurgence of a pandemic may go unnoticed here, but it shouldn’t be

Nations across Europe are stepping up their fight against COVID-19, to full lockdowns, as the delta variant increases cases and victims. Bloomberg points out in an article today that the word “lockdown” does not appear at all in Goldman Sachs’ (NYSE: GS) and Morgan stanley‘s (NYSE: MS) outlook for Europe now for 2022, and a survey of fund managers carried out by Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) ranks the virus fifth on its list of market risks.

The holidays and flu season are here, and COVID-19 doesn’t appear to be as threatening to many right now as inflation, but real estate investors need to be on the lookout for changes that could send people home from stores. , restaurants and offices.

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