Why Hire a Residential Real Estate Closing Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Magnolia Law, a prestigious Fort Lauderdale real estate law firm, explains to the public why it is so important to hire a real estate closing attorney whenever Florida residents are buying or selling real estate.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – October 8, 2021 – Whenever residential real estate changes ownership, it is essential that all paperwork be handled in accordance with Florida law. Both sellers and buyers need to be assured that everything is legal. Otherwise, a buyer may later find out that they do not have a clear title to their property.

When a buyer hires a Magnolia Law real estate closing attorney, they can be sure that everything will be handled properly. There are so many players involved in a real estate transaction that it is essential that there is a lawyer responsible for making sure everything is legal.

Some of the people who might be involved in closing transactions include the mortgage company, the title insurance company, the subdivision developer, the broker, real estate agents, and the builder. Magnolia Law knows that each of these entities has legal obligations to fulfill. When the buyer hires an experienced closing attorney in Florida real estate law, it relieves a lot of the stress a buyer might experience with such a huge investment.

Closing counsel themselves have many legal obligations to fulfill. A closing lawyer will be essential from the start. When a Fort Lauderdale resident decides to buy a property, there will be a contract between the buyer and the seller. Closing counsel will review this initial contract and make sure everything is legally correct.

Along the way, there will be documents that need to be reviewed. Before a person can sell a property, Fort Lauderdale closing attorneys will make sure the owner has clear title and can sell the property. Buyers need to be sure they own the property once everything is signed off.

To ensure that the seller is the owner of the property he wishes to sell, the lawyer will ensure that there is no defect in title. A title defect can be caused by many different things. There could be a lien on the property, or there could be unpaid taxes or utility bills. A very important detail is to check for ongoing boundary conflicts and prior easements that may not have been declared earlier. A closing lawyer will ensure that the title company has cleared all of the buyer’s title defects prior to closing.

Another main reason to hire a closing lawyer is that the lawyer will attend the actual closing for you. They will also process all banking information and inspect each document in advance so that there are no surprises.

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Magnolia Law was founded on the fundamental principles of compassion, integrity, resilience and courage. Magnolia Law real estate attorneys specialize in managing all aspects of residential and commercial real estate closings. They offer free consultations to assess the individual case of each client. Whether you are buying a home, refinancing your loan, or purchasing an investment property, a Magnolia Law Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney can take care of your closing. The firm’s real estate attorneys serve brokers, realtors, lenders, developers, mortgage brokers, builders, lawyers, investors, buyers and sellers throughout the state of Florida. The company is also proud to be a member of The Fund, a division of Florida’s largest title insurance underwriter, Old Republic Title.

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